This time-honored, earnings-based, color-blind, gender-neutral, mandatory budget program does not contribute to the U.S. deficit.  Social Security is earned by each wage earner, and paid by them and their employer.

I will vote to update Social Security to ensure its complete solvency and adequacy, including for:  a total lockbox, elimination of the deductions cap on income over $118,500, fail-safe mechanisms, inclusion of all employment sectors, 4-year recipient cohorts, and calculating individuals’ initial receipts based on an earnings assessment.  With the lockbox’s accumulation, cohorts will be provided access to quality, secure, integrated housing villages to help downsize in retirement, live independently, and receive assisted care when needed.


I will introduce the Denizen Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives to rectify through its ratification that denizens of sea, sky, and land have explicit freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.


I will introduce Americana, named for “the ethos of America,” to encompass U.S. social provision.  This package will eliminate all citizens’ expenses incurred in starvation, old-age, disability, illness, and injury by joining Social Security’s updated provision with access to public hostels and vegan gourmet cafeterias—the centerpiece being public singlepayor health/dental/vision insurance to cover wellness and fitness programs, and all non-pharmaceutical treatment.  The balance is struck with Medicare becoming the singlepayor, nonprofit, nongovernmental supplement to cover all pharmaceutical treatment.  Both Americana and Medicare will feature an individual’s lifetime enrollment.


I support full implementation of U.S. clean energy policy and will vote to break up clean energy patents, like hydrogen fuel cell technology, whose only by-product is water, from being hoarded by fossil fuel companies and ensure they are immediately put to mass use in the not-for-profit fueling sector.  I continue to encourage local solar energy aggregation.

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