My¬†utmost issue is The Socialwage Act legitimating¬†the socialwage.¬† For¬†42 years I have been using my skills as an employee relations expert to help working people¬†get ahead, to make families stronger, to build secure communities, and to excite the next generation to practice respect.¬† Raising the minimum wage to be¬†the socialwage‚ÄĒwhere wages automatically climb with gross national productivity and where workers are paid via direct deposit at the end of each day‚ÄĒis a matter of respect.¬† Today, people are working more, saving less, and getting paid fewer dollars than they ever¬†did in U.S. history.¬† My election is a referendum on industrial irresponsibility, a mandate for the socialwage, and a¬†crusade for all people who labor for a better, fairer, more respectful nation.


Too many murders and other atrocities have been done using guns, and the principle of insurance is required now for ensuring domestic homeland tranquility.¬† Insuring a firearm’s and bullets’ possessor is a social safety measure that will drastically decrease violence around our United States and compensate those affected by gun violence.

While the military and police shall also be obligated the same as citizens inside this law, the Army and Navy are allowed to make their own bullets to exempt a bullet insurance but citizens may not make their own firearm projectiles.  No person who is not in belonging of citizenship will be allowed to have a firearm or bullets.

I support complete, ongoing, and thorough training in the responsible use and possessing of all weapons, with such being regulated and people being recognized by the Department of Defense as meeting their requirements through licensing.¬† With the issuance of organized, publicized trainings, based on Sweden’s example, teaching will be¬†performed by outstanding veterans of the Army and Navy of the United States who are trained and certified for this purpose.

Firearm possessors should not be permitted to give their gun to anyone unless they go through a new lawful registry.

This legislative package will be called The Firearm Insurance And Responsibility Act, FIRA.


I will vote for Glass-Steagall legislation for the 21st century, and reinstating lost revenue from Wall Street speculation; a credit amnesty measure that uses individual and public health incentive; encourage financial literacy and mass-use of credit unions; and introduce a fiberoptic currency called the eco (pronounced eesso) to prevent RF-bandwidth limitations.  Named for enlightening common oath, it is an essential reform to other upgrades.  The eco carries light-based yields with easier entry into workforce, utilities, and markets.  The plural of eco is ecoy (pronounced eessoy) for enlightening common oath yields.  These provisions will all be in The Economy Learning Act, ELA.


I am presently spearheading the designation of CECOS, the toxic waste dump contaminating Clermont County, to be an EPA Superfund site because it exceeds the criteria.  I will do the same for any other unsafe place in our district.

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